AMATI contains classically recommended medicinal plants used in Ayurveda that has been found effective against amoebic dysentery. The efficacy of the ingredient (alkaloid, conessine) contained in AMATI has been established in British pharmaceutical codex and also re-confirmed by a clinical trail done in Teku Hospital, Kathmandu against Entamoeba histolytica infestation. The trail has shown AMATI 97.5% successful to eradicate both cysts and trophozoites. A double blind trail in comparison with allopathic drug Metronidazole has also been conducted in same hospital & found AMATI as effective as Metronidazole but with fewer side effects.

Contents: Holarrhina antidysenterica (Bark) & Pimpernels animus (Seed )

Connesine is the principle alkaloid of H. antidysenterica, whose amoebicidal activity is proved. It is amoebicidal in a 1 in 280,000 dilution after 8 minutes in presence of alkali medium & 18 minutes in absence of alkali medium.

It is ieffective in intestinal amoebiasis caused by E. Histolytica dysentery and general diarrhea.

Direction: Adult : Take 2 tablets three times a day. Children : Take 1 tablet two times day. To be taken orally on empty stomach for 7 day.

Precaution : Avoid alcohol, oily, and fried food.

Presentation : Box of 10 tables x 25 stripes