HARITAKI is a classical recipe of Ayurveda useful in gastric disorders. It is widely used in Ayurveda since ancient time in relieving constipation , dyspepsia, and general gastro-intestinal disorders. It can be taken by any age groups.

Contents: Terminalia chebula powder 100%

Purgative activity : It is a mild purgative when taken with hot water & absorbent when taken with cold water. The purgative principle in the pericarp of the fruit of T. chebula has been found to be a glycoside similar to sennoside.

Action : The activity of T. chebula is possible by rendering the irregular peristalsis movement uniformly progressive. It is also anodyne and anti-inflammatory.

Indication : Habitual constipation & digestive disorders.

Doses & administration
: Adult : 1- 2 teaspoonful. Children : 1 teaspoonful. To be given before meal at bed time with hot water orally.

Presentation : Bottle of 100 grams